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Aggressive driving poses a threat to other drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Personal Injury

Being on the road can be a peaceful or even relaxing experience if there are no other cars, you have no pressing time concerns and you are confident in your driving ability. However, many factors, including traffic, other drivers’ poor skills and the weather can make it an annoying or terrible experience at times.

Because of this, it is not unnatural to become angry at one point or another while on the road. However, when a person with road rage gives in to the emotion and begins driving aggressively, it can pose a serious threat to others.

Recognizing signs of aggressive driving

Aggressive drivers may follow you too closely or drive erratically, trying to pass you on parts of the road they legally cannot or swerving randomly. They may also disobey traffic laws, speeding or running traffic lights and stop signs. In certain cases, they may even direct aggression towards you, cursing, taunting or making rude gestures towards you.

Responding to aggressive driving

If you believe you are in the proximity of an aggressive driver, it is important to remain calm and rational. Avoid looking directly at the driver if possible and do not respond in kind to provocation. Keep a safe distance (more distance than you normally would) between you and the driver’s vehicle to give yourself more time to react. If you find the driver’s behavior dangerous, you may need to report him or her to the police by relating the automobile’s appearance and license number. In the case you believe the driver is actively following you, report him or her and drive until you reach a safe place, such as a police station, but do not get out as aggressive drivers can become violent.

Aggressive driving can make the road an unsafe place by causing wrecks and altercations. By reacting rationally, you can help minimize the chance of an event involving you occurring.