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Getting Compensation After A Car Accident

If another driver — truck driver, private motorist, motorcyclist or commercial diver — fails to exercise reasonable care and you are injured, that driver is liable to you for the resulting costs of that injury: medical bills, lost wage replacement and compensation for pain and suffering.

In today’s world of defensive insurers, getting medical bills paid and other losses accounted for is not as simple as filing a claim with an insurance company after a traffic accident. After a serious car accident or other type of motor vehicle crash, you most likely need the assistance of an experienced, proven-effective personal injury attorney in order to obtain the compensation you deserve — or any compensation at all. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

At the law office of Goldstein, Ballen, O’Rourke & Wildstein, our lawyers overlook no important details as we pursue maximum compensation for our injured clients after automobile accidents. Goldstein, Ballen, O’Rourke & Wildstein is a reliable source of advocacy and help for the injured. Strengths and assets of our law firm include the following:

  • Decades of experience
  • Proven track record of results time and again
  • Experience communicating constructively with physicians and other health care providers
  • Detailed understanding of complicated state automobile, insurance and liability laws, including “tort threshold” options in insurance policies
  • Trial readiness by certified trial attorneys
  • Contingency-based fees: we are not paid until and unless you are
  • Diligence and effectiveness obtaining pre-certification and authorization for medical treatment and diagnostic testing

When an insurance claims department informs a client of ours that they will not cover a bill related to the accident, we are proactive in getting pre-certifications and, as needed, filing Personal Injury Protection arbitrations, where very often we are successful in getting disputed bills paid.

Our legal peers, our former clients, insurance claims adjusters, and courtroom judges recognize our achievements on behalf of the injured and the bereaved in the Passaic area and beyond in northern New Jersey. Our claims department is geared to overcome the challenges associated with obtaining full, fair compensation after an auto accident, even with an uninsured motorist.

If you are involved in an accident, be careful of what you say or sign. Get the names of witnesses and write them down with contact information. Get medical attention as soon as possible after the accident. If possible, take pictures of your vehicle, the other vehicle involved and the location where the accident took place.

We understand that you are most likely in pain and suffering from economic losses after a serious car accident, whether a rear end collision, a T-bone crash or a sideswipe. The law firm of Goldstein, Ballen, O’Rourke & Wildstein is available to help you now and in the future as your need for assistance and legal services arise.

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Contact us to schedule a consultation after a serious car or truck accident in northern New Jersey. To reach us, call Goldstein, Ballen, O’Rourke & Wildstein or send us an email.

Se habla español. We are pleased to offer bilingual services throughout your case. In fact, the majority of our staff is bilingual.