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Standing Up For Injured Pedestrians

The most important thing to understand after a pedestrian accident in New Jersey is how the medical bills of the injured pedestrian will be paid — especially if it was a hit-and-run accident or if the car was operated by an uninsured or under-insured motorist. In fact, the person who was driving the car who hit you may not have to pay anything in order for the pedestrian accident victim to be compensated.

Rather, it is the pedestrian’s own auto insurance that may foot the bill — or homeowner’s insurance or umbrella policy. Discovering all available insurance policies and handling all the claims associated with them is a challenge even for a lawyer. In the event that there is no applicable insurance policy, the PLIGA state fund (Property-Liability Insurance Guaranty Association) may offer limited coverage.

To ensure that your medical bills and other expenses are paid, contact a personal injury law firm with experience and a track record of favorable outcomes for past clients. An experienced attorney is a valuable ally for an individual and a family dealing with the consequences of any type of automobile accident. At Goldstein, Ballen, O’Rourke & Wildstein, we can also help you recover compensation for injuries resulting from dangerous products and accidents that occur on someone else’s property.

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Were you, or was your family member, crossing the street on foot or on a bicycle in a crosswalk or elsewhere when you (or he or she) were struck by a private car, a taxi, a bus or a delivery truck?

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