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Dog Owners Are Responsible For Their Animals

Dogs are not allowed “one free bite” in New Jersey. Any serious injury caused by a dog bite is actionable on the basis of “strict liability,” or in other words, the owner is responsible just by virtue of owning the dog in most cases.

A dog bite may heal well over time physically speaking, yet still leave psychological scars known as post-traumatic syndrome. In more severe cases, a dog bite or pit bull mauling can be a catastrophic injury resulting in lacerations, disfigurement, scarring, infection, muscle damage or death.

As in any personal injury case, our approach to a dog bite case at the Passaic law offices of Goldstein, Ballen, O’Rourke & Wildstein has at least two key components that will determine the amount of recoverable compensation:

  • Evaluation of the injury itself, in collaboration with physicians — who, in the case of dog bites, will likely include a plastic surgeon who will render an opinion as to whether, and when, reconstructive surgery should take place.
  • Investigation into legal and financial aspects — namely, a search for relevant insurance policies and any other sources of financial compensation for the victim. Sources of compensation may include the homeowners insurance of the property where the bite occurred, homeowners insurance of the dog owner if the animal attack happened in public, car insurance, umbrella policies and other possible sources.

You can rely on our experienced, skillful advocacy as we help you seek maximum compensation for your damages. We handle a variety of other premises liability accidents, including falls on slippery ground.

You Deserve A Strong Legal Ally

An experienced, accomplished personal injury attorney is an important ally to have after you or your child has been seriously injured in a dog attack. If you do not want to “sue” the dog owner because that person is a friend or family member, allow us to explain to you the “safety net” that insurance policies are designed to provide in cases like this.

Your friend or family member may be greatly relieved to know that the injured party (you or your child) will receive the necessary medical care, including surgery if necessary, through insurance policies that were purchased just for such occasions.

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