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Injured In A Fall Involving Snow Or Ice In New Jersey?

New Jersey is located in a temperate zone where ice and snow are a predictable part of every winter season. Owners of property where people walk — in parking lots, in hallways and entry halls — are or should be aware of the need to protect visitors from slippery conditions created by ice and snow. Slippery hazardous surfaces may include:

  • icy sidewalks
  • melted ice or snow which pools in entryways, creating wet areas
  • snow-filled parking lot

A child who falls into a pile of snow normally jumps up laughing with delight. An older adult who falls on ice or snow, on the other hand, often suffers a serious injury such as the following:

  • injured ankle, knee or hip (sprained or broken)
  • injured hand or elbow (sprained or broken
  • head injury (concussion or contusion)
  • tailbone injury (cracked, bruised)
  • hip injury (broken)

In severe instances, these injuries can prove fatal.

Our clients seek our advocacy when commercial property owners failed to clean ice and snow in a timely manner. In the past we have utilized landscaping architects as expert testimony to render opinions that the grading of a property was not properly done to allow for proper run-off, with the result being repeated refreezing of thawed ice and snow into slick sheets of ice — and opportunity for slip and fall accidents.

We Carefully Investigate The Cause

Architects sometimes inform our Passaic attorneys that step risers were not built the proper size to comply with building code statutes.

Other times, expert investigators and evaluators point out that a no slip-resistant mat should have been provided on areas where visitors frequently walked. A marble floor which regularly became slippery was not adorned or protected with a carpet that might have prevented a slip and fall accident.

Whatever the causes, whatever the circumstances and whatever the injury, Goldstein, Ballen, O’Rourke & Wildstein is prepared to put forth compelling arguments to property owners and their insurers that someone injured on the property deserves compensation to allow for needs including:

  • medical bills paid
  • lost wage replacement
  • therapy and rehabilitation as needed
  • pain and suffering

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