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Get Medical Bills Paid Through PIP Arbitration

PIP arbitration is a mechanism by which our clients at the law offices of Goldstein, Ballen, O’Rourke & Wildstein secure payment of disputed medical bills. Insurers have a tendency to let PIP (personal injury protection) bills go unpaid for long periods of time following a car accident, despite the provisions for payment contained in auto insurance policies. Nonpayment can put obstacles in the way of clients who seek top-notch medical care in an effort to maximize physical recovery after an auto accident.

Goldstein, Ballen, O’Rourke & Wildstein welcomes inquiries from accident victims as well as health care providers when insurers are delaying payment of health care claims following injuries from a motor vehicle accident. Contact us in New Jersey to schedule a consultation.

When Insurers Drag Their Feet About Paying Medical Claims

Our law firm advises both injured clients and health care providers regarding unpaid medical bills that are recoverable through PIP arbitration. PIP arbitration is a process to compel the insurance companies to provide necessary medical care and/or to compel the payment of medical bills. Insurers tend to pay in a timely manner in order to close files.

Our Aggressive Passaic Attorneys Will Advocate For You

In addition to our diligence in obtaining necessary pre-certification for medical treatment, we facilitate prompt payment of bills through PIP arbitration. Our board-certified trial lawyers have amassed a long list of successful outcomes through this method of forcing the hand of reluctant insurers. If you have experienced an automobile crash, you can rely on us for advocacy.

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