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After The Accidental Death Of A Family Member, We Can Help

If you have landed on this page perhaps because a loved one was fatally injured in a workplace accident, a motor vehicle accident, truck accident, or in an accidental fall, please know first of all that we truly sympathize. We are in the practice of plaintiffs’ law at Goldstein, Ballen, O’Rourke & Wildstein precisely because of our passion for helping those who have suffered serious losses.

When an accidental death is the result of someone else’s negligence, reasonable people may agree that the negligent party should be held financially responsible at least for the losses that the family is left to deal with:

  • Any conscious pain and suffering the deceased endured
  • Medical bills preceding the death following fatal car accident
  • Lost wage replacement, particularly for dependent family members who relied on earnings of the deceased for their livelihood: usually a widow or widower and children
  • Funeral and burial expenses associated with the unplanned, premature death

At the law offices of Goldstein, Ballen, O’Rourke & Wildstein, we make it our business to help surviving family members recover financial compensation for the losses associated with an accidental death. We believe that every life has value, and a life should not be “valued” in a dollar sense on the basis of such factors as how much the deceased person was earning. The “worth” of a beloved child, parent, aunt or uncle cannot be measured through numerical calculations.

Liability Laws Make Wrongful Death Claims Challenging

Unfortunately, liability laws in New Jersey often make it difficult to obtain full compensation for the death of a loved one in the financial sense. Sometimes insurance policy limits or applicable laws will limit the dollar amount that can be recovered. Our lawyers are always honest with a family about the limitations of a wrongful death claim, even when the truth is difficult to hear.

At the same time, our clients who have lost loved ones often derive some comfort from knowing that legally speaking, the negligent party was held responsible in whatever fashion is legally available. Survivors also appreciate having more details about the causes of their loved one’s accident.

Throughout a wrongful death case, we offer support to the family as caring, compassionate human beings. We share our clients’ views that an accidental death should have been preventable in many cases — and that negligent parties should be held accountable.

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