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Handling Truck Accident Cases Across New Jersey

Maximizing benefits for the injured is our mission at the law offices of Goldstein, Ballen, O’Rourke & Wildstein. Truck accidents often result in some of the most serious injuries among all traffic accidents, due to the extraordinary size and weight of commercial trucks. Driver fatigue is also a common factor in semi tractor-trailer accidents.

A car is no match for a semi tractor-trailer (big rig) when the two collide. While our client may be an injured truck driver, it is much more common for the seriously injured party to be the driver or a passenger in an automobile that was involved in a car-truck crash.

Resulting catastrophic injuries often include the following:

  • brain injuries
  • spinal cord injuries
  • paralysis
  • amputations
  • burns
  • fatality

At the law offices of Goldstein, Ballen, O’Rourke & Wildstein, we are grateful to have been able to help many victims of truck accidents and their families. No amount of money can bring back “life as it was before the accident” in most truck accident cases — but full, fair compensation can allow an injured person and his or her family to focus on the physical, psychological and social aspects of recovery from a catastrophic accident.

We Understand Insurance Laws

Insurance policies and insurance laws in New Jersey can greatly affect the final outcome of a truck accident claim. Our lawyers have handled the intricacies of laws and insurance policies for decades. We know how to navigate the waters of verbal threshold limitations, pre-certification for medical treatment, and PIP arbitration, among other details that require a knowledgeable professional to handle the claim to an accident victim’s best advantage. We can also handle cases involving drivers who do not have insurance or adequate coverage.

In the days and weeks following a truck accident, we work hard through the “discovery” process to identify and locate all insurance policies that may apply for the benefit of our client, the injured party (or surviving widow or other next of kin).

Decades Of Solid Investigative Experience

We also get to work promptly investigating all verifiable facts concerning the accident itself. In the case of a truck accident, liability is sometimes very clear and the investigation will not be complicated. In other cases, more “digging” may be required to reconstruct “what happened” and who was at fault.

Evaluation of the injured person’s prognosis is also key. A traumatic brain injury (TBI), a spinal cord injury or an amputation will have a devastating effect on a victim’s life after the accident. We work with professionals such as life care planners and vocational experts to document the case for each client’s compensation, maximizing all available sources.

In the case of very serious injuries that result in large settlements or verdicts, we often recommend that our clients see financial planners to ensure that money intended for a lifetime of accommodations does, indeed, last a lifetime.

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