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What are some common types of debris on the road?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As people embark on their daily journeys, the road ahead holds more than just lanes and traffic signals. A significant threat to safety is often concealed in the form of road debris, which can turn a routine drive into a potential crash course.

Understanding the common types of debris that can lead to accidents is important for all drivers.

Potholes and uneven surfaces

The presence of potholes and uneven road surfaces is a concern for motorists. These surface irregularities, often born from the wear and tear of weather and heavy traffic, can harm vehicles and lead to accidents. Striking a pothole at high speeds can hurt the suspension, tires and alignment of a vehicle.

Loose gravel and rocks

Construction zones, while important for infrastructure improvements, lead to loose gravel and rocks. As vehicles drive around these areas, the loose debris can become projectiles, posing a threat to windshields, headlights and other vulnerable vehicle parts.

Fallen tree branches

Nature occasionally plays a role in the creation of road debris, especially during storms or gusty conditions. Fallen tree branches or limbs can obstruct roadways, creating unexpected hazards for drivers.

Shredded tire debris

A blown-out tire not only spells trouble for a vehicle but can also contribute to road hazards. Shredded tire debris poses a risk to other vehicles on the road as they swerve to avoid these obstacles and run into other cars or trucks.

Americans faced 35,766 deadly car accidents in 2020, some of which started with the presence of debris. Recognizing and responding to the dangers posed by road debris can help improve peace of mind.