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Why might nurses need workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Those that care for others have a high risk of getting injured while doing so. It can lead to them needing significant amounts of time off as they get treatment and recover.

Here are some of the hazards that could jeopardize a nurse’s health:

Back injuries due to heavy, awkward or repeated lifting

Sometimes a nurse needs to lift or maneuver a patient. They may need to do so alone because it’s urgent or there’s a lack of colleagues to help. Some patients can weigh far more than the nurse, putting them at risk of a back injury. These injuries can also occur over time due to constant bending over to make beds and perform other tasks.

Violence from patients or visitors

Some patients can react badly when a nurse tries to intervene, especially if they have addiction issues or mental health issues that make them behave unpredictably. Whether it’s an intentional action toward the nurse or an involuntary movement that happens to connect, it can leave the nurse injured.

Visitors can also become aggressive if they are drunk or high or unhappy about the wait or not being allowed to enter a room to see their friend or family member.

Needlestick injuries and infections

There are a lot of needles in the average hospital, and it only takes a slip or a knock for one to prick a nurse. If the needle has already been inserted into a patient, it could transmit an infection to the nurse. The same can happen when a nurse tries to help or move a drug user who has a dirty needle in their pocket.

Those are just three of the hazards nurses face. If you are injured while on duty, consider legal help to learn about your options for workers’ compensation.