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Safety is critical when working with fiberglass

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Employees who work around fiberglass should be provided with the proper equipment and training to help them do the job safely. Employers must implement strict programs to ensure workers are safe because illnesses and injuries from fiberglass can be catastrophic.

There are many risks that workers face when they’re around this substance. Understanding those risks may help them remain as safe as possible and bolster compliance with established safety standards.

Problems fiberglass can cause

Fiberglass can become embedded in the skin, which can lead to irritation. Ensuring the skin is covered is critical for workers who want to avoid this.

Another risk of working with fiberglass is inhaling it. The fibers can irritate the upper respiratory tract, leading to coughing and possible scarring of the affected area. Wearing a mask or respirator can help workers avoid this.

Ingesting the fibers is another problem because it can irritate the stomach. This can lead to pain and nausea. The masks will help to prevent this.

Fiberglass can also irritate the eyes, so wearing eye protection is necessary. Blindness can occur in severe cases, and corneal scratches are also possible for workers who don’t use sufficient eye protection.

Any worker who suffers an injury or work-related illness after working with fiberglass should ensure they get medical care. Workers’ compensation coverage should pay for that care, as well as provide other benefits the worker is eligible for. These workers may receive an incorrect eligibility notice that requires them to appeal the decision. Appealing must be done quickly, so having someone on your side who can work with you is important.