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Working from home can involve a worker’s comp claim

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

One of the many changes endured during the pandemic was that many worked from home. There are benefits like a casual dress code and a non-existent commute. Still, there are different kinds of benefits as well — those who work from home can file for worker’s comp if they are injured or contract a severe illness while on the clock and doing work within the scope of their job description. Nevertheless, workers will need to avoid making certain mistakes that could jeopardize the approval of their claim.

Despite working from home, the employer should still ensure that you have a safe working environment. This includes proper equipment, supplies and safety measure to keep workers safe and comfortable on the job. The employee may jeopardize their claim if they do not follow safety protocols established in the workplace.

What to do if injured

Skipping one or more of these steps could lead to problems:

  • Notify the manager, owner or HR person as soon as possible
  • Seek medical treatment to begin the healing process and document the injury
  • File a claim if the injuries merit it
  • Provide all necessary information
  • Keep detailed records of the injury, treatment and copies of all paperwork

Avoid returning too soon

Since the worker is already home, there may be the temptation to work, or pressure by the employer, while injured. Employees should avoid this unless a doctor agrees. Otherwise, working while injured can lead to other, sometimes more severe injuries and likely slow the recovery process from the original injury.

The filing process is never easy

Those filing a worker’s comp claim need to fill out a lot of paperwork and provide documentation. Even doing this does not guarantee the claim’s approval or appropriate level of compensation. Fortunately, they can appeal a denial. Attorneys who specialize in worker’s compensation can help with the application or appeals process.