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Who pays for injuries caused by workplace violence?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Violence is a known safety concern in certain careers. For example, those who work in law enforcement or security recognize that they may have to deal with unruly and aggressive people and could get hurt as a result.

Violence can also arise in many other professions. Those who work in customer service or retail may encounter thieves or people who come to businesses while under the influence of drugs. People in hospitals may have to assist someone having a mental health issue. Plenty of people eventually experience disputes with their coworkers.

Violence in the workplace can put someone in the hospital and leave them unable to work for weeks in some cases. Hundreds of people die annually, and thousands get hurt, because of violence at work. Obviously, businesses can only do so much to protect workers against the possibility of violence from coworkers or members of the general public.

Who covers the costs created when a violent incident at work leaves someone hurt?

Workers’ compensation could help after workplace violence

People tend to think of work workers’ compensation as an option for those with injuries caused by their employers. If inadequate training of a new coworker leads to a mistake and an injury, workers may readily acknowledge that they can file a workers’ compensation claim.

In scenarios where outside parties are at fault, they may feel less confident about their rights. What many people do not understand is that workers’ compensation is a no-fault benefits system. It does not matter who is actually to blame. What matters is whether someone was on the clock or if their medical condition is the result of their job responsibilities.

Whether someone gets punched by a coworker or injured by a member of the public attempting to commit a crime, workers’ compensation benefits could help them. While the attacker may have personal liability, taking legal action against that person could be a drawn-out and unpredictable process.

Workers recovering from a serious injury need assistance immediately. Communicating with an employer about the incident and seeking medical care can help those who need assistance after a violent incident on the job. Learning about the rules for workers’ compensation benefits can be a useful step for anyone injured while working. Even when an outside party might be to blame, workers’ compensation benefits may still be available.