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How can construction workers face injuries due to sinkholes?

On Behalf of | May 30, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Construction sites are bustling hubs of activity, where workers work tirelessly to create buildings. Among the machinery and manpower, sinkholes are a danger that often goes unnoticed until they strike.

These collapses in the ground can have lasting consequences for construction workers. This poses significant risks to their safety and well-being.

Suddenness of the danger

Sinkholes are geological phenomena characterized by sudden collapses in the ground. These can often come from the dissolution of bedrock such as limestone or due to erosion.

These voids form gradually over time or happen without warning. For construction workers, encountering a sinkhole can spell disaster, as it undermines the stability of the ground they work on. This can lead to potential accidents and injuries.

Possibility of falls

One of the most immediate dangers posed by sinkholes is the risk of workers falling into them. Whether it is a small hole or a gaping chasm, a sinkhole can engulf construction workers, causing severe injuries or even deaths. The sudden nature of sinkhole collapses leaves little time for workers to react, making prevention important.

Issues with the equipment

Sinkholes can also damage or destroy equipment needed for construction operations. Large machines like cranes and bulldozers can get stuck in sinkholes, trapping workers inside. These huge machines may be tough to reach for rescue crews, causing more problems.

Employers have a responsibility to stay aware and take steps to keep anyone on-site from facing harm. Anyone suffering from injuries due to work may want to seek fair compensation.