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How to prevent a dog bite

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Dog bites

Every situation with a dog is different. Some dogs are small and like to bark and others are big and quiet. But, if you feel threatened by the presence of a dog, then they likely feel the same way. This could easily lead to a dog bite.

It may be important for you to understand how you can prevent a dog bite and, if you are bitten, what you may need to do. The below covers what you should know:

What causes a dog to bite?

As stated above, dogs often bite people because they feel as if they are in danger. Some dogs bite people as a reaction to previous abuse, while others may do it because there’s something stressing them out, like strangers or loud noises. In some cases, dogs even bite because they’re trying to protect others, puppies or food. Some bites even happen accidentally because a dog was being playful. 

What can you do to protect yourself?

While it may be crucial to understand why dogs bite, it may also help to know how you can reduce injuries. Possibly the best advice is to keep your distance if you believe a dog is aggressive. The further you are from a dog, the more time you have to prepare for an attack.

The first instinct many people have when a dog charges them is to run. However, very few people can outrun a dog. As such, you should consider staying still and avoiding eye contact with the dog. If given the chance, you could yell out a command in hopes that the dog will respond and either sit or run away. 

You may not have enough time to prepare for a dog attack, however. Instead, you could carry pepper spray to deter the dog from approaching any further. You can even find dog-safe spray, as other kinds may severely injure the animal. 

What if you’re still attacked?

Some accidents can’t be prevented. If you end up injured because of a dog attack, then you may need to be aware of your legal rights. You may need to seek damages to ensure your injuries are properly cared for and covered.