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3 winter safety tips for outdoor workers

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

The cold weather is almost here, so it’s time for anyone who works outdoors to start thinking about winter safety. Employers should ensure they provide workers with everything they need to remain safe throughout frigid shifts that might include exposure to wintry weather. 

There are a few things that workers and employers can do to enhance safety this winter. Implementing these is beneficial for everyone involved. 

#1: Winter safety gear

Some winter safety gear, including non-slip shoes, are critical. Non-slip shoes don’t eliminate the chance of you slipping but they do make it much less likely. Employers should also provide equipment and supplies that help to prevent slipping. For example, having salt available to melt snow on pathways workers have to use is an easy way to increase safety.

#2: Frequent breaks

Employees should have somewhere to get out of the frigid temperatures and warm up. This can be a small area that has sides to block the wind if nothing else is available. Anyone who’s showing signs of frostbite should be required to warm up before they get back outside. 

#3: Forecast considerations

Always watch the forecast to determine if the conditions are suitable for working. If employers require you to work in extreme weather, they should provide appropriate safety measures. Checking the forecast also enables you to decide what you need to wear for the day. 

Any worker who suffers an on-the-job injury should get prompt medical care. The medical expenses should be covered by workers’ compensation — and you may also be eligible for partial wage replacement benefits and more. If your workers’ comp claim isn’t going as expected, find out more about your legal options.