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Recovering after an office job injury

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Injuries sustained at an office can be serious and life-changing. When injured on a job, the main goal is to recover quickly and return to work. However, whether or not you recover quickly will depend on the type of injury you sustained. 

Workers’ compensation will significantly help cover your medical and financial bills while you recover. Therefore, you should focus on healing. Here are some tips to help you recover after an office job accident.

Don’t go to work if you are not ready

Do not make the mistake of resuming work if your doctor has not cleared you. Returning to work can worsen your injuries and affect your recovery. Returning too early could also negatively affect your workers’ compensation benefits.

If you think that you’re ready to return to work, talk to your physician about what sort of limitations you have and what kinds of accommodations you may need. This could include “light-duty” assignments or other restrictions until you fully heal.

Maintain communication with your employer

As much as you are not feeling well, it is advisable to keep your employer updated about your recovery progress. This is especially important if you plan to return to work when your doctor approves. 

Talk to your superior or employer about how you are feeling, what your physician is saying about your recovery, and how soon you might be able to resume work. This can encourage your employer to keep your position available for you while you recover.

Injured workers can recover and get back to work

If you’ve sustained injuries in an office-related accident, you need to first understand the procedure for returning to work. However, if you believe that your worker’s comp physician has cleared you to get back to work before you’re ready, or you’re confused about your rights once you are able to return to work (especially if you have restrictions), experienced legal guidance can help protect your interests.