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These 4 things could harm your car crash claim

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have a car crash, you will probably go into shock. This is where the body concentrates its energy on preserving life by diverting blood flow and, therefore, oxygen away from the extremities to the vital organs.

That can affect your ability to think clearly. That means you are more likely to do something that could harm your ability to claim compensation. You cannot stop yourself from going into shock, but thinking about what you should do in a crash before one ever happens, increases the chance you act correctly if one does occur.

Talking too much

Unfortunately, some people talk more when they are nervous. If you are unclear about how the crash happened, you might be nervous because you think you may have caused it. If you apologize in any way, the other party’s insurer could use it as an acceptance of blame, lowering the amount of compensation you get.

Accepting an early offer from the insurer

Do not expect the first offer to be a final offer. You probably have no idea of how much your injuries will end up costing you, let alone how much compensation a judge might decide you are entitled to. Insurers know this and know that many people are desperate for cash, so they may offer a lowball figure. If you accept it you could be left short if your injuries turn out worse than expected.

Not getting a medical check-up straight away

Some potentially fatal injuries are invisible to the naked eye. A doctor knows what to look out for and can help you ensure that when you submit a claim, you do so based on the full extent of your injuries.

The final error is trying to claim injury compensation alone. You are up against insurers who have been through this far more times than you. Seek legal help to even the playing field.