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3 causes for work-related injuries that are hidden in plain sight

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2022 | Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

Every workplace has its dangers. There is a relatively straightforward risk of falling or being injured by equipment in some fields like roofing, manufacturing, and construction. However, many supposedly safer spaces like offices, stores, or restaurants have a risk for injury that lurks right there in plain sight.

Excessive noise

Loud noises can lead to severe injury or permanent hearing loss. Noise at 85 decibels or above is considered dangerous. The causes can involve:

  • A crowded lobby, restaurant or bar
  • A blender in a restaurant kitchen
  • Heavy traffic
  • A construction site

Workplaces with constant noise often provide ear protection, but loud noise can happen nearly anywhere. Not all businesses consider the risk of hearing damage if the noise does not last long or occur during each shift.


What could be dangerous about sitting? Those in sedentary jobs where they sit for shifts, such as drivers, office workers or cashiers, face a higher-than-normal risk for a range of health risks. Moreover, a poorly designed seat or misaligned keyboard can lead to repetitive stress injuries that slowly arise over time.


These are stressful times, and it has grown increasingly common for employees to be attacked by customers or co-workers. Law enforcement, health care professions and first responders traditionally see violence, but those in customer service industries have seen a significant increase – notably among flight attendants and retailers.

Guarding against these overlooked dangers

Owners and managers need to rethink safety procedures for staff to address the risks better. Unfortunately, they may not deem it important or fail to enact the necessary precautions. It can lead to a worker’s compensation claim or personal injury claim.