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Driving is the top cause of death at work

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of work-related deaths here in the United States. It can involve workers operating a semi-truck, driving a cab or millions of others who drive while on the clock. Keeping this in mind, here are statistics from 2019 (the most recent year with complete data) on the number of workers sustaining injuries.

Work-related traffic deaths

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 1,270 drivers in the U.S. died while on the job in traffic-related deaths. Here in New Jersey, the total was 74. The national total amounts to 24% of all deaths on the job in 2019, with driving listed as the top or second most common cause of death in all work groupings. The leading industries were:

  • Transportation and warehousing: 41%
  • Construction: 12%
  • Wholesale and retail trade: 9%
  • Administrative support, remediation and waste management: 7%

Injuries are also common

Of course, not everyone dies in motor vehicle collisions. So, a high percentage of workers suffered broken bones, brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, burns, or internal injuries. These and other injuries can leave workers unable to return to the same job or any job at all in severe cases.

What are the workers’ best options?

Accident victims should seek medical help immediately. Documentation provides essential support when filing a worker’s compensation claim to get benefits. Depending upon the circumstances of the crash, it may also be possible to file a personal injury lawsuit against responsible third parties. Our office offers free consultations to discuss your possible legal options. Please call us at 973-473-1113 to schedule your free consultation.