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Social media can impact an injury claim

| Jan 6, 2021 | Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

Many use social media to keep up with friends and family, meet new friends, and share details of their lives. What many sometimes forget, however, is that a wide circle of people can see their Facebook page, Twitter account or other social media platforms. Some of these people do not have the best interests of the person posting, so users should be careful about what they share online.

Admissible in court

The courts now accept information shared on social media as evidence. Those who filed a personal injury claim or worker’s compensation claim need to be aware of this, as do eyewitnesses. Defense attorneys or those handling disputes for insurance companies look for information online that contradicts what was put in writing or said in court. Examples include:

  • A post that shows the user exercising despite their claim to be severely injured.
  • Checking in via Facebook at a time and place that contradicts the injury claim.

These check-ins can lead to disputes over the severity of the injury or if the injury took place on the job as claimed.

Easy tips for avoiding issues

It is always best to be honest about a claim. However, online comments can be misinterpreted and cause problems that lessen the compensation or needlessly extend the case. Some sensible precautions include:

  • Limit the number of posts or avoid posting altogether.
  • Never discuss an injury’s details
  • Never discuss a case’s progress
  • Be mindful of pictures shared, when shared and where taken

It’s also worth noting that making a Facebook page available to “friends only” does not guarantee privacy.

It is best to be careful

Those injured, either while at work or going about their daily lives, serve their own best interests by focusing on their recovery. This includes following all the advice of medical professionals. It also involves working with an attorney who can help the injured get the compensation they deserve.